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GOLEM stand for a sick and extreme mixture of Death Metal, Grindcore and Black Metal.

latest news: 05.12.2008


Within the 15 years of their existence, the band released two verily respected albums and made themselves a name as “the German CARCASS”.

With “Dreamweaver”, the four Death pioneers from Brandenburg now have completed their third devilish record: A raving and vicious piece of work in the unique style of GOLEM and on a technical high level. Hammering blast beats, complex arrangements and a dark atmosphere make this record unmistakable – one of the best albums concerning extreme music in years!

Omega:Formed back in 1989 Golem began their music journey as a straightforward old school grindcore act but manage to evolve their sound into a complex and unique death metal machine. One of the most original death metal albums we heard in a while.

Nowadays complex and extreme handmade music is their agenda.

Most of the members live in Berlin, except guitarist Carsten Mai who lives in Dresden.

Trademarks of the four-piece act are:
most notably the insanely fast and weird drumming of Eric Krebs ;
ultra-low guitar arrangements, sweet and dissonant harmonies, nice melodies and sick soli provided by Carsten and Andreas ;
screaming and growling vocals of Andreas Hilbert ;
a confidently supporting bassline by Rainer Humeniuk.

Golem are a synonym for Death Metal at it's most evolved stage, a modern statement to musical development and extreme sound.

Formed back in 1989 Golem began their music journey as a straightforward old school thrash grindcore act but manage to evolve their sound into a complex and unique death metal machine. One of the most original death metal albums we heard in a while.

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    Band History

    Golem was founded in July 1989 by Max Grützmacher (bass), Michael Marschalk (drums) and Andreas Hilbert (guitars and vocals).In January 1991 we recorded our 1st demotape “Visceral Scab“ with 4 tracks of intense old-school-grindcore. The tape became pretty popular in the underground and 2 tracks of the demotape were released as the “Visceral Scab“ 7“EP on Cannibalized Serial Killer Records.Playing gigs with many different bands helped us to become a good live band and to learn much about realizing our musical imaginations. Also our style changed more into the extreme death metal direction, where bands like Carcass became a big influence in our music.After two tragic events, the death of bassplayer Max in 1992 and the death of 2nd guitarist Jens Malwitz in 1993, we released our 2nd demotape “Recall The Day Of Incarnation“ with Ruben Wittchow (T.A.O.R) helping out on drums and Rico Spiller (Fermenting Innards) as new bassplayer. With this ambitious and quite successful piece of music we got a deal with Invasion Records.In 1995 and with Michael Marschalk back on drums we entered Dan Swanös Unisound to record our debut-album “Eternity- The Weeping Horizons“. Released in May 1996 another important step was done. Unfortunately we had problems with the company and so we missed some chances to act in the intensity we would have preferred. Rico left the band and another time we had to look for new members to continue as a real band.Until fall 1997 Golem merely was a two-piece studio project. In the meantime we worked on new material for the follower of „Eternity...“ and checked the possibilities to get adequate musicians in the local area. Carsten Mai (guitar) and Rainer Humeniuk (bass) from Senftenbergs Progeria seemed to be the right addition to our sound and joined the band.In July 1998 we finished the recordings for „The 2nd Moon“, our second full-length album and our most complex, intense and melodic work so far. Released on Ars Metalli in January 1999 we were on the right way into the future of Golem. Many live gigs helped to strengthen our good reputation in the scene and we also did a little tour.But once more some precious time was lost because Michael decided to leave the band. Some time later Eric Krebs from Berlins leading death-thrash-act Sinners Bleed not only filled the void but since then gives an incredible new dimension to our music. Because of some serious problems we split up with Ars Metalli some months later. So once again we were looking for a new company.After a quite sophisticated preproduction of our new material we checked some more serious offers and signed a contract with Grind Syndicate. With this promising outlook we started recording our 3rd album in February 2003. After a long, hard and in the end very satisfying work we're happy to release "Dreamweaver" on Nuclear Blast in April 2004. Far deeper into our unique style and also inspired by modern classical music we bring melody, complexity and grimness to a new level.

    interviews and reviews

    rock hard magazine ...Wer auch nur einen Funken Interesse an gitarrenlastigen, superkomplexen Arrangements hat, wer sich an rabiaten Blast-Beats und finsterem Gesang laben kann, der kommt an dieser Scheibe nicht vorbei. Respekt...
    www.metalreigns.com ..This is a must have for metal fan's and the diversity of Golem will leave you believing in the Dreamweaver...
    www.rawnervepromotions.co.uk ...An illuminatingly brilliant album...
    www.metaljudgment.com ...that make Dreamweaver a triumph over mediocrity in the age of Unique Leader and Metalcore. Buy or Die...
    www.live4metal.com ...Highbrow, technical yet melodic, brutal yet rewarding, this could be an early contender for surprise hit of the year...
    www.vampster.com ...Im Sektor Death Metal hat mich seit "And then You´ll Beg" von CRYPTOPSY nichts mehr so dermaßen umgehauen, das dürfte Kaufempfehlung genug sein, oder? ...
    www.metal.de ...erzeugen Golem eine gleichsam mitreißende wie auch aufwühlende Atmosphäre...
    www.wallsoffire.de ...dass es ein Genuss der Vollkommenheit ist. Wahrhaftig!...
    www.planetheavymetal.de ...und verbreitet eine schon genial anmutende Düsternis und Morbidität...
    www.wavegothic.de ...Beeindruckend, höchst beeindruckend - vom nächsten Studioalbum erwarte ich dann schon ein echtes, zeitloses Meisterwerk...
    www.ancientspirit.de ...Ich hoffe nur, dass das nächste Album nicht so lange auf sich warten lässt...
    www.powermetal.de ...Findet lieber für euch selber heraus, ob die Platte einfach nur Krach ist oder doch ein monumentales Kunstwerk. Ich für meinen Teil tendiere eher zu Letzterem...
    www.chroniclesofchaos.com ...the sort of daring songwriting that will sustain the death metal genre for years to come...
    www.roarezine.com ...Golem delivered a damn good record that’ll certainly last a while in your stereo....
    www.silentscreamzine.com ...italian....
    www.getreadytorock.com ...That’s what our music needs and that’s exactly what Golem provides...
    www.emp.de ..."Dreamweaver" ist ein herausragendes Death-Metal-Album...Respekt, meine Herren!...
    www.metalius.de ..."Dreamweaver" schafft es eher anders zu klingen, erfrischend anders eben...
    headbanger.wplanet.hu ...hungarian...
    www.metal-immortel.com ...french...
    www.dunkle-klangwelten.de ...Von wegen "ungeformte Masse"!...
    www.musicchannel.cc ...ich glaube nicht dass heuer noch etwas besseres aus Deutschland kommt! Golem sind absolut spitze!!...

    of course there were reviews of "Eternity-The Weeping Horizons" and its predecessors-i remember a 7 out of 10 in Rock Hard mag-maybe someone could help me to find more resources

    The Sondforge is a recording facility founded by Kai Mertens of Harmony Dies and Andreas Hilbert of Golem in 1998. Since then a lot of bands recorded their demos or albums in the little village Großziethen near Berlin. Not all, yet most of these are bands of the more extrem metal direction like Sinners Bleed or Defeated Sanity. Of course our own albums were recorded there as well.
    We do have all the stuff needed to do high quality recordings that can compete with major productions. We started recording on a 24-track 1" tascam but nowadays we do hd-recording on a windows based system with logic audio platinum. There is a behringer 48 channels inline mixing desk, mics for most purposes, the usual effects and dynamic units, drum triggering equipment and professional monitoring.
    The prices are more than fair and there is also the possibility to stay in the house overnight. So everything is arranged to have an inspiring recording atmosphere and a lot of fun too.
    In spring 2005 we moved to Berlin and now we also got a dedicated homepage for the studio. As a new member Mike Poguntke joined forces in our recording team. He formerly did on-location-recording for some german grindcore bands.

    links to external websites

    soundforge recordings kate bush golem progeria igor stravinsky dune sinners bleed maurice ravel temple harmony dies james macmillan south park oxiplegatz clive barker arda dreamdiver occurence protector die apokalyptischen reiter infected brain death penalty sonic reign fragments of unbecoming spookyland defeated sanity trapjaw dungeons and dragons menhir anencephalus kickassstuff demantor the unchallenged drachenwald nonchristian logar's diary golden heroes necrosist glorwing dunkelelfen symbiontic david lynch fat-pie dazed online metal radio the metal observer metalglory

    Golem Media Files

    Starchild.mp3 4.14mb 2004 -taken from album "Dreamweaver" one track that includes most components of our new musical vision and gives a quite comprehensive overview of our actual musical abilities
    Faces.mp3 4.50mb 2002-vst-preproduction-sketch of the song that appears on the "Dreamweaver" -album shows a lot of our more simplified song structures and some surprising harmonies
    The Tower.mid 84.9kb 2000-early midi score of the song on the "Dreamweaver" -album not all voices were included at that time but the structure seemed finished
    Le Sacre du Printemps.mid 384kb 2001-original midi score of Igor Stravinskys great piece of music (1912) the extreme guitar version appears as "hidden" track on "Dreamweaver" with some hyperblast drumming added
    The Shortening of the Way.mp3 4.22mb 1999-taken from "The 2nd Moon" a rather untypical track with some more conservative melodies
    Mental Force.mp3 4.11mb1996-taken from "Eternity -The Weeping Horizons" at that time one of my Golem-favourites

    Golem on Stage

    16. 04. 2005 Berlin k17 www.k17.de with Ars Mortis,Ulcer and Respawn
    09. 04. 2005 Halle JUM - Rockstation
    www.jum-halle.de with bloodpack postponed Greifswald Klexwww.klex.de with ?
    00. 00. 0000 Mühlacker ProZwo
    www.pro-zwo.de with Harmony DiesGrin, Seelenfrieden and others
    26. 02. 2005 Dresden Heavy Duty
    www.heavyduty-dresden.de with Death Reality
    07. 01. 2005 Berlin Knaack
    www.knaack-berlin.de with Harmony Dies Postmortem and Hans Martin Slayer
    11. 12. 2004 Waltershausen Kulturfabrik
    www.enterpainment.de.vu with Abyzz and Hetaeria
    30. 10. 2004 Schrebitz Secret-Party-Location;-)?
    with Progeria and Private ClubXXX
    29. 10. 2004 Mügeln Mogelini
    www.mogelini.de with Urkraft
    12. 08. 2004 Bad Berka X.Party.Sanopen air 2004
    party.san with... this billing
    11. 07. 2004 Berlin k17
    www.k17.de with Vader and Final Dawn
    29. 05. 2004 Tharandt Headbanger
    headbanger with Dawn of Fate

    Carcass Morbid Angel Oxiplegatz Emperor Death Immortal Darkthrone Satyricon Stravinski Strawinski Stravinsky Strawinsky Strawynski Igor Disillusion Cephalic Carnage Brutal Truth Napalm Death Pungent Stench Disharmonic Orchestra Jazz Avantgarde Classic 31.05.2004 a video of the show we played yesterday was taken - we await the copy within the next weeks


    04.05.2005 a lot of changes in the background - if problems arise (we do not hope so) please tell us
    14.04.2005 Soundforge Recordings now has its own dedicated page:
    www.sf-berlin.de and www.soundforgerecordings.de
    10.04.2005 Rainer is back from South America and our upcoming shows will have a bassguitar again;-)
    03.03.2005 the gig announced for the 5th of march in Mühlacker has been cancelled due to unexpected organisational problems - it is confirmed that the show will be rescheduled - you know where to find the details ;-)
    18.02.2005 updated some dates for gigs
    21.12.2004 some pictures added (eric, carsten, rainer, live gallery, misc gallery)
    28.10.2004 the video-downloads should work now, not as intended but i gave up to ask unsuccesfully about server specifications that caused problems
    14.10.2004 live-dates added
    17.09.2004 some small updates - new live-stuff coming soon
    15.08.2004 thanx for your great support at the
    party.san - this show was a killer!!!
    27.07.2004 complete relaunch, hope everything works better now
    20.07.2004 a live video of "tomb" is online now
    27.06.2004 listen to fritz radio stahlwerk
    www.fritz.de tonight 8pm CET
    20.06.2004 the interview with
    www.metalreigns.com is online check it out! GolemInterview.mp3
    14.06.2004 all you need is love ;-)
    12.06.2004 some guitar specs added - more coming soon
    08.06.2004 some more updates in the press section - of course we still aren't everybody's darling...but who cares and by the way - who did expect or want this?
    31.05.2004 golem are featured artist this week on
    www.metalreigns.com and we'll do a live interview friday morning, june 4th, around 6am CET
    31.05.2004 a video of the show we played yesterday was taken - we await the copy within the next weeks
    21.05.2004 Golem will support Vader in Berlin (11.07. - k17)
    09.05.2004 some new "Dreamweaver"-reviews added - check the press!
    05.05.2004 finally these pages are online... don't hesitate to give advice or report broken links
    19.04.2004 "Dreamweaver" officially released :-)

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